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Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Page 1 Results in over 50 Vertical Markets

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

image showing google search engine results page with an arrow showing that result number 8 is moving to the 1 positionIf your website is not currently showing up in searches when potential clients are looking for companies with your expertise, you have no chance of developing any meaningful contacts from your web presence. By using the knowledge of our digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) consultants that has been acquired over the years, Find Local Company can make sure that your potential clients can find you on-line.

We have a deep expertise and an enormous amount of experience in search engine optimization (SEO). We employ sophisticated and comprehensive White Hat SEO techniques for our clients as an important component of an overall Internet marketing strategy.

Website Optimization Experts

First and foremost, the content on our well-designed websites is not only compelling and relevant to potential clients, but it is also optimized to show up well in local searches. Here are a few of the other White Hat SEO strategies our website SEO experts will employ for your company:

  • Implement a strategy for your company to develop high quality and meaningful backlinks from websites that will produce organic traffic and potential client visits to your website
  • Create a compelling website design that appeals to potential clients with a layout that is easy for search engines and visitors to navigate – your website design has to convert visitors into phone calls
  • Write authoritative and unique high quality content that appeals to your potential clients first and foremost but, the content also has to appeal to search engines
  • Use widely accepted best SEO practices to optimize your company’s website with a focus on a quality experience for your website visitors
  • Use our deep SEO expertise to tune up and improve content pages that are not performing as expected

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Our search engine optimization packages are custom packages that are determined by two primary factors:

The first factor that needs to be considered when putting together an SEO package is the metro area that your website is going to compete in as a plastic surgeon in New York City or Los Angeles faces a far different challenge than a plastic surgeon in Milton Georgia.

The second most important factor that determines the SEO package that we propose is the vertical market that you compete in as a personal injury lawyer or a plastic surgeon faces stiffer competition then a landscaper or a pool building company.

When a digital marketing agency uses the same SEO package for a landscaper in Auburn Alabama that they use for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills or a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, that should be a red flag to you as it is obvious the plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills is going to need a more comprehensive SEO package then a landscaper in Auburn Alabama.

When you speak to one of our SEO consultants, you can be assured that we do our very best to set appropriate and realistic expectations with regard to results. Because we build comprehensive and in depth websites, we can almost always assure you that several of the pages on your website will rank well in meaningful searches but we will also tell you that if you are competing in New York or Los Angeles and you are expecting us to produce a page one result quickly for a super competitive search term, that is not likely to happen and we would never set that as an expectation.

To schedule your consultation with a knowledgeable SEO consultant who will empower you to make an informed decision, please fill out the contact form to your right or give us a call to set up a time to speak.

Onsite SEO

Do multiple pages on your current website rank on page one of the Google search results? If not, the strategy that you are using should be reconsidered. Find Local Company uses proven and effective onsite SEO strategies to boost your website’s ranking in the search results. We are only satisfied when our clients’ websites rank consistently on page one of Google and other popular search engines.

Our onsite SEO strategies for your company website will ensure your business has the best chance to rank well in the search results across a wide range of search terms and phrases. Research has proven that most users only click on the first page of organic search engine results, and Find Local Company gives your company the best chance for page 1 results. Ranking well across a broad range of search terms and phrases ensures your company will catch the attention of your new potential clients and patients.

Can Your SEO Company Clearly Articulate Their Strategy? We Can.

Other digital marketing companies sporadically apply SEO tactics with little or no organized plan for success. Find Local Company SEO experts design a specific strategy for your onsite SEO that leaves no detail to chance. This onsite SEO strategy includes:

Each facet of your unique website design is handled by our experienced SEO and website ranking professionals. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise is put to work to ensure that your company has the best possible chance to rank on page one of Google and other popular search engines.

Proven SEO Expertise

The Atlanta based Digital Marketing and SEO experts at Find Local Company are a team of highly experienced SEO and online marketing experts. Our team uses only the latest and most effective tools and strategies to optimize your company website. This ensures that your site is simple to navigate, easy to find and designed with the user’s best experience in mind.

Our client base is very diverse which makes us an excellent choice to be your Digital and Internet marketing partner. We work with companies and medical practices all over the country and have large client bases in New York, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and other competitive metro areas but we also work with clients in very small towns across the country. Your pricing will be appropriate for us to be able to produce results in your geography and vertical market.

Premier Onsite SEO Design Services

Both your blog and main website pages are optimized for search engine ranking and a superior customer experience. Find Local Company onsite SEO experts utilize the latest design techniques to construct each web page so that site users are guided to take your desired action.

Images, content, colors and site navigation are all key components that must work together to guide the user to take action. Our design experts combine these aspects of page design with your company logo and brand persona to create an attractive and user-friendly lead generating website.

Unique Page-by-Page Keyword Optimization

Careful analysis and selection of keywords and phrases that your potential clients are actually using when they search is a critical component in your website optimization strategy. We typically find that people write content pages first and then circle back to try to optimize a page that’s already been completed.

At Find Local Company we reverse engineer the process and first identify what terms and phrases your potential clients are actually using when they search and then we write compelling and authoritative content that can be optimized for the actual search terms your potential clients are using. With the tools available today, there is no reason to guess at the search terms your potential clients are using. By putting in the research and effort on the front end we are able to deliver a superior result.

By using our unique approach of reverse engineering the process we are able to much more effectively target meaningful keywords and the content pages that we write for you will have the best possible chance to show up well in the search results.

Original Authoritative Content

Our content writers have significant experience in writing and publishing authoritative content for both your website pages and your blog. The copy that our experienced writers produce is very well researched and the primary focus of the finished copy is to be compelling and engaging to the people who are reading your website.

While Google and the other search engines continue to update their algorithms, what we have noticed through the years is that as long as our content writers focus on quality first, the algorithm changes have worked in our clients favor.

It is a misnomer to think that you cannot produce engaging copy that is optimized. Due to the algorithm updates that Google has made over the years, quality content that is engaging to the user is being rewarded more than ever. As long as the basic SEO elements are in place, the more engaging the content is to your end user the better chance your page has to rank well in the search results.

For superior onsite SEO content strategies and website ranking services, contact Find Local Company today.

Offsite SEO

Your website’s SEO is vital to your success, and Find Local Company stops at nothing to optimize your site. This also includes offsite SEO. Our offsite SEO services use the power of the internet to connect your website to other searchable resources. This is yet another way we work to get your website on page one search results in over 50 vertical markets.

Optimizing your company website with off-site SEO means improving search engine and user perception of your website’s relevance, authority and popularity. When your website is featured on and linked to by other reputable people, pages and websites on the internet, they are seen as promoting your site. It is an effective way of adding authority to your website content and company.

What is Offsite SEO?

Offsite SEO is what we call any actions we take outside of your company website to raise your search rankings on Google and other search engines. Since 97% of online searches are for local companies with local goods and services, it is important to show connections between your business and its location. We do this by including your website in other online tools and searchable venues such as:

These offsite resources are additional ways that internet users can locate your company and what it provides. It also makes your website more visible to the search engines. Offsite SEO shows your industry expertise in other places outside your own website, along with local references and ratings. This is important to raise the authority and trustworthiness of your company.

Building Backlinks in Offsite SEO

The primary way offsite SEO impacts your search engine rankings is through backlinks. Backlinks from High Quality websites add authority to the site to which they are linked. Search engines evaluate a website higher if it contains a number of backlinks from other high quality and reputable sites.

Backlinks are earned in three different ways and are named for how they are earned. They are:

  • Natural links are unsolicited links, given without any action on the part of the page owner. For example, a travel blogger adds a link to their blog post that leads to their favorite travel destination.
  • Manually created links happen by employing deliberate link-building activities, like asking customers to link to your website or asking industry leaders to share your content.
  • Self-created links come by adding backlinks yourself. They are usually found in online directories, blog comment signatures, press releases or online discussion forums.

Backlinks become valuable to your SEO ranking when they come from popular sites, authoritative industry sites or popularly used directories.

Find Local Online Directories

Find Local Company maintains professionally prepared and edited directories for local businesses in over 14 specific industries and at least 50 niche markets. These directories provide our clients with high quality ad placements in relevant directories through which they may showcase their products and services. These links from our directories to your website increase your offsite SEO and organic web traffic.

Find Local Directories also benefit your target audience. Instead of sifting through overloaded web pages, consumers can find relevant information about your business and links to your products and services. This easy access makes for simplified searches, more conversions and more sales for your company. Our online directories are trusted sources of local service providers in many metro areas.

Are you ready to learn more about offsite SEO strategies and how Find Local Company can increase your website traffic and leads? Call or contact us online today.

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