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Keyword Research (Page by Page) | No One Does This – We Do.

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Keyword Research (Page by Page) | No One Does This – We Do.

Keyword research is at the heart of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Keywords are what users type into search engines like Google in order to locate information about a topic. When your website contains relevant keywords in strategic places, search engines detect this and direct users to your site pages. Keyword research reveals the most effective keywords for your website pages.

At Find Local Company, we perform keyword research for every page of your website. There are few digital marketing companies who optimize websites to this level. Our goal is to fully optimize every page of your website for easy locating by search engines and a high ranking. Other digital marketing companies usually perform keyword research only on a handful of keywords for your homepage.

Why Is Page by Page Keyword Research Important?

Site visitors rarely enter your website through the homepage. They land on specific pages through different links from search engines, ads, emails, directories, other websites and social media posts. Those links direct a site visitor to pages on your site that contain information about the subject of their search.

Find Local Company SEO experts build each page of your website so that each webpage is fully optimized for search from major search terms that match the page’s topic and contents. This leads a site visitor directly to the information they seek by the shortest possible route. Fewer clicks to locate what they want translates into higher conversion rates.

We Uncover Meaningful Keywords That You Can Rank For

It’s not enough just to choose a word and build a web page around it. The word or phrase has to be used in Google searches before it becomes valuable. However, if a keyword is too common, It will be difficult to beat out the competition for the highest rankings. Our keyword strategy revolves around carefully selecting keywords that will get you ranked well for those searching with that term.

Long-tail Keywords

Meaningful keywords are not just popular words. “Long-tail search terms” are actual search strings that search engine users type into the search bar when looking for a particular product, service or topic. These word strings like “best digital marketing company near me” can provide added value to your page’s SEO ranking. Getting a page one ranking for a long-tail keyword used by 1000 people will serve you better than a page 50 ranking for a keyword used by 10,000 people. It’s all about getting in front of the user. Users seldom look beyond two or three pages, and most stop at page one.

Local SEO

Local SEO keywords are important for your business too. Approximately 97% of consumers look online for local services. At least 12% look for a local business online every day. So, in addition to industry-specific keyword research, we also combine those terms with words like “near me” or your specific city and state names. Local SEO keywords increase your SEO ranking for your business with local users, helping you to gain leads in your local area.

Keyword Research to Optimize for Voice Search

Internet users search for information more and more using voice search on their smartphones, tablets or voice assistants. Apple’s Siri, Google Voice search and Microsoft’s Cortana are performing voice activated search. Almost 60% of internet searches are now performed on a mobile device, and the convenience offered by voice search will continue to increase the use of this feature.

The way people interact with these voice-activated devices is changing the face of keyword research. We tend to ask questions of the device, as if it were human. Unlike search keyword phrases that you type into your computer, voice search is more conversational and natural in tone. Voice search is also typically mobile and often locally focused.

Because they’re more conversational, voice search queries are also usually longer than typical text keyword search queries. These are often called long-tail+ keyword phrases. Find Local Company keyword research experts invest their expertise to optimize each one of your website pages using all these techniques. Your pages are ranked higher and become more easily located, increasing your inbound leads and ROI.

Are you ready to discover how Find Local Company’s unique brand of keyword research can cause your custom website design to rank on page one of Google and other search engines? Call or contact us today for a quote.

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