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Effective Google Business Posts

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Effective Google Business Posts

Google Business posts provide a offsite service to showcase your business on the most popular search engine on the planet. Google boasts 64 percent of all searches on the internet. Their site claims to process over 40,000 search queries every second, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Why wouldn’t you want a listing in their directory?

From your own verified Google Business page, you can publish your events, products and services directly to Google Search and Google Maps. By creating Google Business posts, you can add relevant text, images of your business products or services, video promotions or how-tos and display them for consumers who are searching for similar goods and services. Users even have the option of posting reviews about your business.

Too many local businesses just claim their Google Business listing and then forget it. This is bad SEO karma. Google provides a variety of features to optimize your Google Business listing, and with each one, you are placing that much more information about your business and what it has to offer to consumers. After optimizing it, you should check your business listing often to ensure it remains accurate.

Optimizing Your Google Business Listing

If you only claim your Google Business listing, it leaves a blank page for consumers to find. This dampens their opinion of your company’s professionalism. After claiming the page and verifying your business, several options become available to personalize the listing and make it a valuable advertising tool in your digital marketing arsenal.

Google Business listings provide for:

  • Business Logo
  • Contact Information
  • Hours of Operation
  • Images
  • Short Information Posts
  • Website Address
  • Website Address for Bookings
  • Videos

With these options, you can make your Google Business listing a minimized version of your company website. It can provide all a consumer needs to make the decision to contact you, or at least visit your Find Local custom-designed website, where other attractive factors are in play to compel interactions and conversions.

Let Us Create and Manage Your Google Business Posts

Perhaps one of the most effective personalization options on your Google Business listing are Google Business posts. These posts are more like brief social media blurbs that can be used to promote or advertise a particular product, service or offer. With a word limit of 300 words, there is still plenty of room to share a golden nugget of relevant and helpful information with users.

Relevant information combined with a special offer or promotion is a powerful tool to send leads to your website or landing pages. However, those 300 words need to be persuasive. That’s why as part of our internet marketing services, we provide professional writing that includes your Google Business posts. A well-crafted post joined with an effective call to action can mean the difference between a mere viewer and a lead.

Find Local Company employs professional writers who are immersed in SEO and can create relevant, helpful and compelling Google Business posts about your company offerings. Our team will provide timely and quality content on a regular schedule to your Google Business listing that promotes your brand, boosts your website SEO and directs searchers to your website.

Are you interested in how Find Local Company can help you with custom website design, SEO and other digital marketing services, including Google Business posts? Give us a call today, or contact us online for a free quote or more information.

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