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SEO Company that Works with Legal Practices and Attorneys

Legal marketing is the most competitive vertical when it comes to online marketing. If you expect to achieve results online, you better be partnered with a digital marketing agency who knows what they’re doing when it comes to marketing your law firm online.

We offer law firms well-thought-out online marketing strategies that work together. We touch on some of the more important online marketing strategies below.

Online legal marketing starts with your website. We see so many firms spending big money on paid advertising campaigns that lead potential clients to a very poorly put together website. Unfortunately, there is no recovering from the bad first impression that a potential client receives when looking at a poorly designed website.

When we design your new legal website and bring your legal expertise, your brand and credentials to life online some of the key points we focus on include:

  • A website design that makes a great first impression and is designed with conversion in mind
  • A website strategy that actually gives you a chance to show up in a search
  • A very well-thought-out website information architecture that gives you a chance to show up in a broad range of search terms and phrases
  • A website with a large enough footprint that will allow you to achieve a certain critical mass as compared to the firms you are competing against
  • Content that is original, authoritative and engaging for both potential clients and search engines
  • A blog feed on the home page of your website that ensures the content on your website home page is always being updated with new, engaging and informative copy
  • The use of structured markup language or rich snippets that help Google understand your page more clearly and can also help by displaying your excellent firm reviews next to your firm in the organic search results
Daniel Moriarty

Find Local has surpassed my expectations. I launched my own personal-injury law firm about six months ago, and, thanks to FL, am already getting leads from being on page 1 of key Google searches. They are also fantastic stewards of advertising money. The money I've put into Google Ads, Facebook and law advertising sites has been focused and targeted, and has already turned into leads/cases that will pay for my investments many times over.

Daniel Moriarty

Knowing Where the Value is When Advertising in the Large Legal Directories

The large legal directories like FindLaw, Lawyers.Com, Justia, AVVO, Super Lawyers, LawInfo, and other similar directories offer very real value to the law firms that advertise in them. Some of the advertising spots have more value than others and we can help you leverage the spots that are most likely to produce clients for you.

Find Local Company has significant experience in helping firms advertise in all the large legal directories. We have a very good sense for which ads produce results as well as the ads that tend to be overpriced.

Because legal marketing is the most competitive online vertical, there are some searches in larger metro areas where your only realistic shot at a page one result is by leveraging one of the largest legal directories. This is because they are already showing up well for the search terms and phrases that match up with the legal services you provide.

Since most of the large legal directories require a long-term contract, you want to make sure that you are receiving a fair value for a spot that is likely to produce clients for you. We help our legal clients make smart decisions when it comes to advertising in the large legal directories. Based on our experience, advertising in the large legal directories when you are positioned in the correct ads typically produces an excellent ROI.

A Social Media Strategy That Makes You Relevant

Are you eagerly anticipating your lawyer’s next social media post? We aren’t either!

While it is somewhat far-fetched to think that people are waiting with bated breath for your next social media post, social media has its place in legal marketing. Find Local Company knows how to leverage social media using effective and proven strategies that create the right impression of your firm to your potential clients at the right time.

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Most law firms who are active on social media post one thing after another about their own firm; we would equate this to being at a party and talking nonstop about yourself. If you are at a party talking about yourself nonstop you will quickly clear the space around you. However, if you engage with other people and are genuinely interested in them and ask them questions about themselves, then they naturally become more interested in you.

Our social media approach can be summed up in the above paragraph. Everyone knows that you are a lawyer and there is nothing wrong with providing real, value-added social media content from time to time. However, much of our time is spent effectively networking on your behalf and engaging with your local community.

Ensuring You Are Listed Correctly in Local, Regional and National Directories

In addition to the large legal directories, it is very important that your law firm is listed in the relevant local, regional and national directories. We ensure your firm is listed in as many of the credible online directories as possible, which helps improve the search engine’s recognition of your firm. This also creates a necessary name, address and phone number (NAP) consistency that improves your SEO and ultimately helps your website show up better in a search.

Examples of these types of directories include Super Pages, The Yellow Pages, FourSquare, Manta and similar online directories.

When you partner with Find Local Company, you can count on us to take care of adding your law firm to all the necessary local, regional and national directories.

Your Important Local SEO Listings

We call your important Local SEO listings the big four. The big four local listings include your Google My Business page (Google Maps listing), Bing business listing, Yelp listing and Apple Maps listing. These are some of the major players in the Local SEO realm.

Our staff has been recognized as Local SEO experts and Scott Rawlins on our staff is one of a handful of moderators on the Local Search Forum which is one of the most followed Google Local SEO forums in the country. Scott answers other digital marketing agencies and SEO companies questions to help them navigate through the difficulties of Local SEO. He is a known expert when it comes to properly optimizing local listings.

We use a set of proven best practices to optimize your listings within all published guidelines from Google and the other providers.


A Google Ads Strategy That Is Affordable and Produces Results

Many of the lawyers that we speak with have tried Google Ads in the past with little success. Typically, we hear from law firms that they have spent quite a sum of money trying to achieve results through Google Ads.

What we normally find is that law firms have been bidding on the most expensive keywords or that their Google Ads campaign was improperly managed. We also commonly see that law firms paid incredible premiums for digital marketing agencies to manage their Google Ads campaign. When you are paying too much of a premium it impacts the number of clicks that you can afford.

Our experienced staff will provide common-sense guidance for creating a Google Ads campaign that makes sense given your budget and targets the right geography, keywords and phrases that are most likely to convert. We tend to stay away from the most expensive keywords; everybody is bidding on the more common terms which drives up the price dramatically and the conversion is usually much lower for reasons that we can explain during our consultation.

If you are looking for a partner that can effectively manage your Google Ads campaign for a reasonable management fee that is completely transparent, then please give us a call today. We don’t lock you into a contract and we can be flexible and adjust your Google Ads budget on the fly. When partnering with Find Local Company to manage your AdWords, you have little risk. If you don’t see results from the campaign you are not locked into anything, so we need to produce results right away.

The Digital Marketing Agency Your Law Firm Should Partner With Today

Most large legal marketing firms require contracts; some require long-term contracts with very large monthly fees. If you have been a lawyer for any length of time you understand that you are working with a commissioned sales rep. This rep may have your best interest in mind, but this person will come and go as you may have seen over the years in your practice.

Commissioned sales reps always have to make the next sale. While they may come around from time to time to call on your firm, the purpose is generally to sell you additional services. Typically, if you need help or run into a problem, you are working with a customer service team based in a large corporate headquarters. From what we have seen, the typical turn-around time for simple requests is usually longer then what you would think given the fees you’re paying.

Find Local Company is set up for service and we do not require a contract. If we were in your shoes, we would not want to be locked into a long-term contract when we are unsure about the future results. We know that we will do an excellent job for you, and you will know we are doing an excellent job for you, so there won’t be any reason for you to leave.

If you are ready to speak to one of our SEO consultants, please contact us today to set up your no-cost consultation. Whether or not you decide to partner with us, we will empower you to make a more informed decision about your future digital marketing.

There is no question that your law firm needs an accountable internet marketing partner; the only question is who you are going to choose. If you speak to us, no matter who you choose, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

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