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Website Analytics and Keyword Tracking

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Website Analytics and Keyword Tracking

Complete website analytics and keyword tracking are critical to the success of your overall digital marketing strategy. Whatever can be measured can be improved, and that applies to every facet of your SEO and inbound marketing efforts. Find Local Company provides complete website analytics on a regular basis in order to track your success and make any necessary adjustments to keep your website fully optimized and functional.

As industries and trends change and new products and services are developed, your keyword and SEO optimization must change to reflect it. If your company website is optimized for outdated practices in your particular industry and Google users are searching for the latest trend, your website will not be ranked high for users to find.

Website analytics and keyword tracking are both ongoing efforts that keep up with the latest trending keywords and keyword combinations that are relevant to your industry niche, product or service. Find Local Company SEO and website experts are continually changing and optimizing your blog, website and landing pages in order for them to be ranked high for relevant searches.

Website Analytics and ROI

Website analytics measure everything from how users arrive at your site and which pages are visited to how long they spend on each page. Their activity while on your website is recorded. This is so you know what parts of your website are most appealing and which parts could use some work. For instance, if a particular product page is not getting much traffic, that page should be examined to see if adjustments to the optimization or other SEO factors should be updated.

Website analytics can also reveal product viability in the current market environment. If the product page in question is fully optimized, linked and promoted correctly and still has only sporadic traffic, it may be time to examine market demand for that product. It may be that your product offering may need an update or need to be eliminated and replaced by a more useful product.

By constantly keeping watch on every aspect of your website’s performance, Find Local Company can help you determine how to spend your advertising budget. These funds, and other business dollars, can then be spent more wisely for the best possible ROI.

Keyword Research and ROI

Keyword research is an ongoing process that seeks to keep your website optimization and all other related SEO efforts focused on that for which users seek most. As trends and practices in your industry change, your website and other SEO efforts must also change to keep pace with consumer demand. Find Local Company SEO experts are constantly researching and revising keywords for website and SEO optimization.

Your overall digital marketing strategy hinges on using the best possible keywords and keyword combinations in your SEO, website design, social media marketing and paid advertising. That’s why our keyword experts are constantly working to ensure that your business is laser-focused on the current and upcoming trends and practices of your industry niche.

Our Average Client Ranks on Page 1 for Over 100 Different Keyword Combinations

Keyword research and website analytics are complex. It takes the right combination of a variety of factors to keep your website rankings at the top of Google search pages. These factors change regularly, so our team must stay on top of things so you stay on top. At Find Local Company, we don’t just optimize your website for a few keywords. We optimize every single page to rank at the top of Google searches for its related product or service.

That’s why we can boast that our average client ranks on page one of Google for over 100 different keyword combinations. Our keyword experts consider relevant search strings and even voice search practices in order to use the most effective keyword combinations for your website and SEO optimizations. Our work to guarantee that you maintain a fully optimized website and overall digital marketing strategy never stops.

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