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Original Optimized Content – Yes, We Write Your Content.

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Original Optimized Content – Yes, We Write Your Content.

Content is king in internet marketing. Original, optimized content provides your website visitors with something of value. They have performed a Google search on a topic related to your business. If you provide top-quality, relevant content that answers their questions or solves their problem, you take a step toward earning their trust.

When they need more answers related to your industry niche, they will likely remember what you provided them in the past. They will then return to your website for more. The more original, optimized content you provide on industry related topics, the more leads will find their way to your website. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But who has all that time to produce all this content? At Find Local Company, we know you don’t. That’s why we offer professional content writing services to our clients as part of our onsite SEO services. Our talented content writers are also subject matter experts who can research and craft original, optimized content for your website and business blog. Our team works with you to develop a regular calendar of blog content and a posting schedule, so your site is regularly updated with quality material.

Unique Authoritative Content is Always Better than Canned Content

What’s so special about our professional content? Why not just contract with an online content mill and share what others in your industry are sharing? This is because readers can tell the difference. You want to stand out from your competitors and not get lost in a sea of sameness. Original content written specifically for you can make that difference.

Unique authoritative content also affects your Google page and website rankings. While the particular aspects of the Google ranking algorithms are complex, even Google admits that original authoritative content is ranked much higher than shallow articles. If you’re only sharing what others say, Google recognizes that, too. Find Local Company guarantees you fresh, original content that is relevant to your industry and target audience, every single time.

Original Content

Original content is freshly written copy not found anywhere else on the internet. Plagiarism is publishing someone else’s written work under your name, as if it were your own. It is not only bad form, it is illegal. It is stealing someone else’s property. It shows poor character and undermines your company’s reputation before a global audience. Unfortunately, we find many websites that are using copied content without even realizing it.

Find Local Company team members produce original, well-written content that is not to be found anywhere else. Our content writers have decades of experience producing quality, original copy for websites and articles in our target industries. This reflects well on your company, showing that you care about quality and can be trusted at every level.

Authoritative Content

Original optimized content must also be authoritative. In order for this content to be of any value to users, it must reflect a deep understanding of its topic and audience. Find Local Company writers are subject matter experts who understand both. They regularly produce useful, informative and authoritative content for a host of businesses just like yours.

When your website content provides interesting and useful content on a regular basis, this establishes your business as a thought leader in your industry. You gain the enviable reputation of a company that knows what it’s doing and cares about the needs of its customers. These are the kinds of companies that internet users seek when they jump online and perform a search. They want a company they can trust.

Optimized Content

Your original, authoritative content from Find Local Company is also optimized for search engines. It is crafted with SEO in mind in order for your information to be easily located by searchers. Most digital marketing companies only perform keyword research for your homepage. Then, they optimize the entire site with just a few keywords. This is not so at Find Local Company.

Our talented content writers also make sure your website copy and blog articles are optimized for a search. Our team performs keyword research for each page of your content in order to optimize it for high rankings and easy location on Google and other search engines.

With the triple-threat combination of original, authoritative content that is also optimized for search, your business website will harvest a growing number of quality leads. Are you ready to see how our Atlanta based content writing services can help your company? Contact Find Local Company by phone or online for more information.

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