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Optimized YouTube Videos – We Know How to Optimize Video

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Optimized YouTube Videos – We Know How to Optimize Video

Videos have rapidly become the darling of online marketing. Every internet marketing and SEO guru recommends using video because of its popularity with consumers and searchers. However, few companies are using optimized YouTube videos in their SEO arsenal. Find Local Company is your premier provider of Atlanta video SEO services.

Website content optimization is only part of how Find Local Company prepares your internet resources to be located, enjoyed and leveraged for increasing business. We take the extra steps to make your YouTube videos easier to find and share. If video is such an important customer path to spending, why not optimize video for even better results?

Many internet users are more visual-based learners, and therefore will click on a video in search results before choosing a simple text link. That’s why Google always includes some video choices among the first page search results. Because of this visual connection with searchers, YouTube is often ranked as the world’s second largest search engine.

Factors Impacting Optimized YouTube Videos

Optimized YouTube videos can be a powerful boost to your overall website SEO when they are embedded in your site pages and linked back to your website from your YouTube channel. Certain factors are important for video optimization. Google will more easily recognize them and rank them higher in searches when the following factors are in place.

  • Time of Engagement – This is perhaps the most important factor. How long a user stays and watches your video heavily affects its ranking.
  • Keyword Relevance – Create an optimized title, description and use tags that contain relevant keywords. A transcript of the video using keywords is also a plus.
  • Number of Subscribers – The more popular your YouTube channel, the higher your video post rankings.
  • User Reactions – When users like, comment and share your videos, it gives a significant boost to your video SEO.
  • Video Length – Length will depend on the topic, but most of the highest ranked videos on YouTube are around three minutes long.

Your fully optimized YouTube videos will be easier to locate and enjoy. This means users can more easily locate your company website, physical location, products and services. The power of video is multiplied with optimized YouTube videos.

Most Video Is Not Optimized – Yours Will Be

Most users on YouTube, including businesses, simply post a video without thought to how users will locate it. At Find Local Company, our video SEO services guarantee that your videos will be more easily located than those of many of your competitors. Most online video is not optimized, but yours will be, including videos posted to your website pages.

As a part of our ongoing website optimization services for your company, we also optimize every video on every one of your website pages. We do this in order to make them easier to find, like, share and further boost your SEO and brand recognition. Our video SEO experts know just how to edit and tweak your video information to make each video an important contributor to your overall site SEO.

Optimized YouTube videos provide additional power to your brand that can reach millions of people who use YouTube to locate helpful, relevant and even fun videos that provide answers to their questions. Find Local Company provides video optimization as part of our superior SEO and digital marketing services for your business.

Are you ready to explore how the power of optimized video can bring you increasing numbers of leads and clients? Give us a call at Find Local Company, or contact us online for a free quote or more information.

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