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Instagram Marketing Strategies

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Instagram Marketing Strategies


Does your business have an Instagram marketing strategy? This popular social media sharing platform boasts over 800 million active users a month and over 8 million companies that actively engage audiences. Instagram is a highly visual platform that appeals particularly to millennials. So, don’t leave money on the table by not establishing a presence on this platform. Find Local Company is your partner for Atlanta Instagram marketing strategies.

Although Instagram is an image-based social media platform, practically any business or industry can use it for marketing successfully. The key, as with all social media platforms, is to concentrate your posts on relating to your target audience and not just spamming them with ads for your business. Ads are part of good Instagram marketing strategies but only as one of several parts.

Instagram Marketing Content

When crafting content for your Instagram business account, focus on types of content that will resonate with your target audience. After determining who that is, seek to discover what type of content they like best. What is the most popular? Why? Try to craft content that is similar but that reflects your own company. Some ideas for Instagram content include:

  • Culture-Focused Content
  • Product-Focused Content
  • Service-Oriented Content
  • User-Generated Content

Instagram users, especially millennials, desire to know what your company is about just as much as what you have to offer through products or services. Share images that reflect your company culture and values. Highlight your workers doing what they do each day. When sharing products and services, be sure to use high quality images that fully showcase the intended subject.

Instagram offers paid marketing options that allow you to specifically target your ads by demographic factors and add a call-to-action button. A CTA on your ads allows Instagram users to click and go directly to your landing pages where they can make purchases or get information. Instagram paid advertising can also be connected with your Facebook paid advertising, to run concurrently out of the same budget.

Instagram Marketing with Captions

Instagram captions are a vital part of your marketing scheme. Captions are limited to 2,200 characters and truncated with an ellipsis after three lines of text. Captions, however, are essential to telling your company’s story. A great image is just great, but one with a story is even better. Find Local Company Instagram experts know how to craft just the right captions to connect your images with your target audience.

Instagram Marketing with Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are the same as searchable hashtags on Facebook and Twitter. They make it easy for users to search for relevant content by subject or topic. Smart Instagram marketing always uses hashtags and makes them easy to discover, remember and read. Research what hashtags your target audience seems to follow most and use those that are relevant to your industry niche. This will help to connect with new followers and increase engagement on your Instagram posts.

We Can Help You be More Effective with Instagram

The team at Find Local Company are experts at crafting and carrying out Atlanta Instagram marketing strategies for your business. Our specialists know the kind of challenges a business will face when working with Instagram. So, our Instagram marketing professionals help companies like yours create an Instagram marketing strategy that simply works.

Are you ready to discover how social media marketing with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms can bring more leads to your business? Call or contact us at Find Local Company today for more information about social media and other forms of internet marketing.

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