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Effective Paid Facebook/Instagram Advertising and Marketing

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Effective Paid Facebook/Instagram Advertising and Marketing

With the growth of the internet over the last decade, it’s virtually impossible to market your business without a website. With the proliferation of Facebook, and to a bit lesser extent Instagram, your business can likely benefit from a presence there, too. Your company’s absence on Facebook is almost the same as being absent from the internet. Find Local Company is your Atlanta Facebook paid advertising agency and Instagram marketing expert.

Our professional paid advertising team has lots of experience in the latest and best advertising practices for Facebook and Instagram. Simply maintaining a profile on these sites is not enough. For all practical purposes, organic reach is dead on social media. Now it’s all pay to play if you want your business to be noticed by the right audiences.

As your paid advertising experts, Find Local Company knows how to use keyword research and targeting to design, create and post scheduled ads on Facebook and Instagram that drive leads to your website and landing pages. We constantly monitor your ad analytics to ensure they are having the desired effect. Ads are constantly optimized and tweaked to discover their maximum effectiveness.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the undisputed king of all social media platforms with more than 1.2 billion user accounts. Over 1.37 billion active users visit Facebook every day. Facebook offers massive exposure on a global scale. There are several ways to market your business, including pages, groups and paid ads. Facebook business pages are a great way to interact with your target audience and customers right on the Facebook platform. Followers can respond to posts on your wall, leave comments, participate in discussion threads, take polls and ask questions.

Paid advertising on Facebook is actually somewhat cheaper than with Google Ads (previously Google AdWords), which is a great deal considering the potential reach. Ads can also be targeted to different audience demographics, thereby ensuring that only the most relevant and interested consumers will see your ads as they browse the Facebook platform. You can even set a daily or overall budget for ad spending to help stay within your advertising boundaries. Ad campaigns can also be modified throughout the time of the campaign.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram boasts over 800 million active users each month and an estimated 500 million active users every day. Also, a surprising 80 percent of these users are located outside the U.S. This means Instagram enjoys a huge global appeal, making it an ideal advertising platform for reaching worldwide audiences. Instagram also enjoys some of the highest engaged users of all social media platforms. Every day, users post 95 million photos and videos, and these generate approximately 4.2 billion likes within 24 hours.

Instagram’s main demographic seems to be females and young adults. For companies that seek to tap into these two key audiences, Instagram is vital. Since the platform is predominantly visual, users spend more time per visit than other social media platforms. Ads can be targeted much the same as with Facebook, and the ad spend is comparable as well.

Flexible and Accountable – It Works Right Away or We Stop

Social media and PPC advertising campaigns work differently for varying businesses and industries. Sometimes a social media campaign can generate loads of responses quickly. However, it can also take time to see the results for which you had hoped. Paid advertising on social media is generally a relationship-building process. Many factors are involved, and no one can give an exact date by which to see a certain level of results.

As an Atlanta Facebook paid advertising expert with loads of experience, Find Local Company knows what works with social media advertising and what does not. If Facebook ads are not bringing the intended ROI, we stop, shift gears and go with advertising that gets you the best return. We are flexible and accountable because we are investing your money for a return. We always want to provide the greatest possible return for your investment.

Do you want to know more about Find Local Company’s Facebook and Instagram paid advertising options? Call us today, or complete the contact form online.

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