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Website content

You want to make your website more popular and great website content that is optimized correctly is crucial to making your website more attractive to Google and to your potential clients. A large portion of your website traffic is going to come from showing up well in the Google search results; however, you will only see excellent traffic results if your website content is optimized correctly.

Before you write any website content

Helpful website content

Google wants to send its users to websites that are helpful and relevant as sending users to relevant websites will ensure that users will use Google for all future searches. Knowing that Google wants to send users to helpful and relevant websites should help you write effective website content. If your content is poorly written or if your content is not relevant to a user, Google will notice over time that your website isn’t helpful and that visits to your site consistently produce poor user behavior as searchers quickly go back to the Search Engine Results Page after landing on your website. If Google notices that your website produces poor user behavior, over time Google will lower your page ranking for the particular search term which will result in future searchers clicking on your competitors links that have resulted in positive user behavior.


It should be obvious that you should always write compelling website content that people will like to read and you always want to ensure that your website content is something that people will consider helpful.

Original website content

It’s important not to copy content from other sources. Google will know if your content has been copied and if you are using copied website content, the copied website content you are using will not be considered authoritative and your website will not perform as well as a website that has original authoritative content. Copying content from other websites is not a good idea and is likely to ensure underperformance of your website in the search results.

Content length

Your content on each page should be as long as necessary to effectively cover the topic on the page in a helpful way. In our experience, the content should at least be 350 words at a minimum to be considered “worthy” to promote in the Google search results. In some competitive markets, we have noticed that much longer pages that are very well written tend to show up better in the search results that very short pages.


Keep in mind that people don’t read website pages from top to bottom, people skim your website pages. To make your content easy to skim, keep your paragraphs short, bold the more important aspects of your content, use lists and headings and call out boxes for more important points.

Describing values

If you’re trying to sell a service or a product, avoid talking about yourself and listing your service or products features. Pages that describe your service or product benefits to your potential client are much more effective than pages that are nothing more that feature dumps.


  • don’t say that you offer teeth whitening
  • do say that patients will enjoy their beautiful white smile

Ubersuggest’s free keyword tool

Before you start writing your website content, you should first find out what search terms or phrases people are actually using when they are searching on the web. Common search words or phrases that can sum up the intention of a page that a user is searching for are called keywords. Before writing any website content, first find out what keywords should be present on your page.


With the free Ubersuggest tool you can:


  • discover what keywords your website is already ranking for
  • discover what your competitors rank for
  • find similar keywords
  • find long tail keywords, that is; longer variations of your keywords


After visiting the Ubersuggest website you can either enter a website address and find out about the keywords the website ranks for or you can enter the keywords you are interested in and receive information about how competitive your keywords are and also discover ancillary keyword ideas you may have overlooked that are likely to produce traffic.


We always advise clients to have a very well written and optimized page for every service that they are interested in promoting. Dedicated service pages that are interesting and informative to your potential clients that are also optimized for the most appropriate search terms are the ideal starting point for your new website content.


In the example below you can see that people searching for “dental implants Atlanta” often add “GA” to the search term, searches also want to know about the cost of dental implants, dental implant testimonials and they use different variations of the search term ( “implant dentistry”, “dental implants” ).


Armed with this knowledge, you can effectively edit your dental implants page to better target the terms that people are using to search for dental implants. What you don’t want to do is just add the keywords to your page, you want to create useful and compelling content that takes into account the keywords people are using to search. There is a balance of using the keywords in your content that people are using to search while creating well written content that users find interesting and informative.


A tangible example of an important keyword here is “The Cost of Dental Implants”. If you have not accounted for “The Cost of Dental Implants” on your dental implants page, you should add a section to the dental implants page that discusses the cost of dental implants. We would suggest having a heading “How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?” and then creating compelling content that discusses the factors which determine the final cost of someone’s dental implants procedure. The content should be compelling to the users reading the page and the content should be factoring in the keywords that you are targeting in this section.


Just because you use the most popular keywords on your page that people use to search doesn’t mean your website will start ranking for the keyword. Most popular keywords are very competitive as many of your competitors are already using the most popular keywords as well. The last column named “SD” (SEO Difficulty) shows you how difficult it will be to rank for the keywords that you are targeting.


The search volume (second column) for any particular keyword can be so minimal that it’s not worth the time or effort to write an optimized page of content that targets the phrase or keyword as there is simply no-one searching for information about the topic. You always want to verify that your are targeting keywords and phrases that people are actually using to search.

Writing the content

Website content elements

Every page of website content has a few important text elements:


  • Title – this is visible in the browser and in the Search Engine Results Page
  • Meta Description – this is a short (160 characters) description of a page that is sometimes used as the description on the Search Engine Results Page
  • H1 tag – this is the main heading of the website, it’s most often the biggest line of text on a website
  • the actual content of a page


When creating a new page of optimized website content or adding a new blog post keep in mind that all of the key elements mentioned above should include your main keywords for the particular page that you are optimizing.

Another consideration that few people take into account is to be careful about keyword cannibalization. Keyword cannibalization occurs when you have multiple pages that target the same keywords or phrases. Using multiple pages to target the same phrases ends up watering things down and the pages tend to cannibalize each other making the overall optimization much less effective.

Yoast SEO plugin

The previously mentioned Yoast SEO plugin can be useful when creating new content. The Yoast SEO plugin will track your keywords, content length, missing ALT attributes (you can read more about that in the WCAG section) and also offers readability analysis that offers insights into whether or not your content is getting your message to your website visitors.


While creating a new content page scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see the Yoast SEO box with recommendations, the recommendations are usually very straightforward and if you’re not sure of something you can always click a link with a detailed description of any issues that the Yoast SEO plugin identifies.


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