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Recommended Pages

There are a few universal pages that every website should have:

Not Found

If a user tries to open a page on your website that has been deleted or if a user makes a mistake while typing the url address of a page on your website, they should be directed to a “Not Found” page. Since you don’t want the user to just close your page and go to your competitors page, your “Not Found” page should have some useful information on the page.


The easiest way to try to keep the user on your website is to explain the problem and offer a solution like using the search option or looking at your sitemap or list of services.


A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. The sitemap is useful for search engines as well as your website visitors and a sitemap is an SEO best practice. Search engines can easily get to every page of your website from your sitemap, search engines bots will be able to index your content faster due to your sitemap and users can easily navigate your website and see all your services listed from your sitemap.


You will also want to include and submit an XML Sitemap per Google’s recommended guidelines. Please see Google’s recommendations for how you should put together and submit your XML sitemap.

Pricing / Financing / Coupons

Cost is typically an important factor in a consumer’s decision process. If you have any financing plans or financial partners, if you accept insurance or if you offer discounts, your financing page will come in handy for your clients. You can explain your pricing, your discounts, the financing available and also a list of the types of payments that you accept.


If you rely on clients to come to your place of business, you want to make sure your clients can easily find you. Not everyone uses or trusts GPS so be sure to include some specific directions including landmarks and where clients should park so your clients can easily find your office without calling and asking for directions.


A good directions page should have:

  • written directions
  • a map
  • your full address and a clickable phone number
  • information about the working hours
  • a photo of the location
  • parking information if available
  • public transportation information if possible
  • other handy information

About Us / Meet The Team

If a visitor isn’t sure about your company, they will immediately look for an “About Us” page to try to get to know more about your business. The About Us page is the perfect place to sell the benefits your visitor will realize by working with your company. Depending on your business there is different information and benefit statements that can be placed on the About Us page:


  • the history of your company
  • how the company impacts its community
  • how your company differs from the rest
  • how your company can help the visitor in ways others can’t
  • list its associations / partners / certificates
  • display partner logos
  • for smaller companies biographies can be added here
  • short client citations can be added
  • photos and videos of the company


If your business has a small number of employees and clients interact with your employees, a “Meet The Team” page is also a good idea.

Contact Us / Support

The contact page is one of the most important pages for service providers, the contact page should list every possible way that you want potential clients to contact your company.


This page should contain:


  • a form to contact you
  • your full address
  • your clickable email address
  • your clickable phone number
  • FAX number if available
  • a Google Map with your location displayer
  • driving directions
  • your working hours
  • social media links
  • other addresses / phone numbers if available
  • other resources if available like third party booking links
  • other helpful links like a link to a FAQ


Besides a client testimonial section on every page, we would also recommend a dedicated page for your client testimonials. If you are in the service business your potential clients will search for your client testimonials page while on your site and potential clients are likely to also look at your Google Business, Facebook and Yelp testimonials as well trying to find out more about you from your current clients.


Your testimonials page should build trust with people who are researching your company online. The more visitors trust your client testimonials,  the more likely they will contact you.


If possible, add photos of your happy clients along with their full names so your client reviews will be more trustworthy. You can even ask clients to fill out your satisfaction survey or write a reference that you can next scan and put on your website. Anything you can do to make your testimonials more credible and believable to people reviewing your testimonials will help you improve your conversion.

Other possible pages

If applicable to your business we would also recommend the following pages:

  • Portfolio
  • Services / Products
  • Getting Started
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Recommendations / Bestsellers
  • Tools and Recommendations
  • Why Choose Us?
  • What Make Us Different!

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